Tuesday, February 10, 2009

End of an era.

For the past 7 years I have been chatting it up with other sports fans on a message board at Netsports. Which was the forums for the website Baseball.com/Football.com/Basketball.com et all you get the point. Anyway, they are shutting down. A few members are trying to get together and put anew forum up for us to start. This is kind of a sad time because for the past 7 years this is where I went to talk sports. Honestly this is the only place I can because i feel like people get really annoyed when I start talking about it to my friends. When I first joined I was banned after three month for being a complete jackass. That matured me a little bit and then I rejoined under a different name and a little more mature sense of how to debate without just saying "your an idiot and you suck too". Anyway here are my two profiles. LoL as you can see I have amassed over 9,000 posts. which if you add the two I would be the 19th highest poster on the board. Which for missing 2 years is pretty good. So with my Zeus name I am ranked number 30. Tommylee429 is 137.

This is a pretty pointless post now that I think about it. Everyone is going to think "What the hell is this shit. BUt I will get a few things out of the way. Facebook is gay, so is Myspace. i have lost interest in following lives of people I honestly could give to shits about anymore. If you have no way of contacting me. Then I guess your fucked.